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Helping communities create a safe and sustainable tomorrow.

Welcome to KAI Hawaii

Established in 1995, KAI Hawaii, Inc. is an employee-owned, full-service structural engineering firm providing project management, structural engineering, forensic engineering, and special inspection services. We deliver cost-effective, reliable, and innovative solutions by working closely with our clients to produce professional, high-quality work products that consistently meet or exceed project schedules, project budgets and expectations.

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Our Mission

To innovate and deliver technical excellence that builds sustainability and resilience for our community.

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Our Services

As a premier structural firm, KAI Hawaii specializes in delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions that lay the foundation for remarkable structures across the Hawaiian Islands. With a passion for innovation, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a deep respect for the unique challenges of our island environment, we stand as a beacon of reliability in the construction industry.

Project Management

Completing projects on schedule and within budget through planning, scheduling, coordination, progress monitoring and reporting.

Forensic Assessment & Evaluation​

Analyzing the structural integrity of a facility to improve the performance of a structure, material, or component.

Construction Inspection

Ensuring our clients’ projects are built structurally sound and with integrity through observation and inspection during construction.

Structural Design​

Balancing safety, serviceability and economics with the design and function of a structure.

Non-Destructive Testing Inspection

Utilizing advanced equipment to conduct comprehensive evaluations of structure components.

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Providing drone inspection services for structures which cannot be accessed using conventional methods.

Our Recent Projects

Our recent projects stand as living testaments to our passion for engineering marvels that not only capture the eye but also elevate the human experience within these spaces. From contemporary urban landmarks to eco-conscious havens nestled within nature, each project is a reflection of our dedication to crafting environments that seamlessly blend form, function, and sustainability.

Project Awards